On the weather side, the cycles of low pressure followed on from autumn into early winter (6 storms in a row in the Anjou region!). They are partly the cause of the reduction phases in some bottled wines after the summer. This was the case, for example, for our Désirade vintage, which has been gradually opening since February and is showing promise.

Temperatures remained in the winter averages until early February, before experiencing a warmth, making us fear an early awakening of the plant. But winter had not said its last word (thankfully!) with a new wave of freshness well established until early March.

Thus, while the situation was already worrying, last winter, in terms of drought and warming of the ground, Mother Nature this year takes her revenge with a cumulative rainfall sufficient to fill the brink to the brim! Water overflows into the soil, dripping onto the roads. So much so that it was impossible to consider getting a tractor into the vineyards before this beautifully summery April week!

You will understand, for us and all our winemaker friends, the challenge is to not suffer a second consecutive year (or a third for some) of late freezing on young shoots. That's why this year we have shifted the pruning period between February and April. The challenge now is to get to work very quickly on the soil so we do not let ourselves be invaded by vegetation. This is what we have been doing since last week, when soils began to dry up.

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